CLUB Committee

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Bridlington Swimming Club Committee Charter

The purpose of the Charter is to ensure all Members of the Committee treat each other fairly in a polite, respectful, friendly and sociable way and to understand their roles and responsibilities. Conflict happens within clubs when members are not informed of the committee’s purpose and its authority is unclear.

Setting out a Committee Charter helps to define the role and responsibilities.

We are a committee elected by its members and as such, we will work within the confines of the Club Constitution and our activities will be transparent and accountable to all club members.

To achieve our charter we will:

Ensure good communication with each other, which is appropriate to the recipient and is relevant and timely.

Ensure all meetings are carried out on a regular monthly basis in a formal and professional manner.

ALL Committee members will give respect and courtesy to each other in order to get the best results from each committee member and volunteer.

Ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Ensure people do not dominate discussions and encourage others to express their point of view and ideas.

We will ensure that all items of agenda are actioned and followed up in a timely manner by the Chair and challenged when not done so.

We will see that our website is maintained and provides members with current and relevant information including governance documents etc, and will conform to any relevant laws and guidance given by the ASA.

We will encourage input and feedback from all our members in relation to club policies and procedures, and giving replies where and when needed.

If there is conflict within the Committee then the Chair will be responsible for resolving these issues along with the Club Secretary, if either of these parties are involved then the Committee will agree who will over see this. (Treasurer and 1 other)

Working for the benefit of the club is the only option for the committee we are a team.

Club Chair