Development & Coaching

Our Club offers Development up to Masters

What We Offer

Once you have reached Grade 8 and can swim the required 1 length in Front crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke you can try out for the club,


This is where we will train you and teach you how to improve your stroke and stamina, we give you an insight to the coaching group which is the next stage. Paul the Coach conducts teaching and Coaching so you will already know someone in coaching. In teaching you will be invited to attend galas once you have reached a reasonable standard this is to get you in the racing game its great fun and we go as a team.


This is where you progress to from Teaching, at coaching you will be given sets to follow that will build your confidence improve your fitness and teach you new skills such as race turns racing dives etc. This will allow you to compete at a better level, coaching has several groups from new starters just arrived from teaching to accomplished swimmers who still compete. You will improve all the time in coaching as there are more sets bigger sets and more racing!!




if you are over 18yrs you are classed as a "master" but this should not put you off from joining, our coaches will give you sets for fitness or if you are still wishing to race you would train with our seniors some of whom race at Yorkshire and National levels. We accommodate your needs so if you require technique coaching or just cardio work out that's fine.